BRO Resorts To New Machinery, Working 24×7 To Provide Faster Passages To Security Forces In Ladakh

BRO Resorts To New Machinery, Working 24×7 To Provide Faster Passages To Security Forces In Ladakh

NEW DELHI: The Border Road Organisation (BRO) has started working round the clock to complete the work on all roads connecting Leh and clean the patches which have seen landslides or were blocked otherwise amid a tense stand-off with China.
The work will help facilitate the armed forces who have to move heavy machines and other weaponry to required locations.
According to the BRO officials, latest machines have been roped in costing crores of rupees to cut the road and frequent blasting is also being carried out.
Apart from this, BRO workers and hired labourers have been asked to work even on weekends and in double shifts.
The workforce has also been increased considerably, sensing the gravity of the current situation at the China border.
Keeping the current situation into account, the BRO is also deploying heavy machinery to clear the road ahead of the winters.
“In the current situation, to help the Army and other forces to transport any heavy pieces of machinery, BRO has adopted the latest machine which you won’t find in any other part of India. These machines are also reducing human risk and we are also dealing with explosives to cut mountains to build the roads,” B Kishan, Executive Engineer Officer commanding, 81 Road Construction Company, BRO told ANI.
“With this new machine, our speed of making roads has increased 10 times. We can now build roads very easily and swiftly as the machine helps us fix explosives to break rocks,” Kishan added.
BRO has also been connecting the roads as per the requirement of forces.
Amid the current situation at the China border, BRO has linked a road to Ladakh through Padam-Yulchung-Sumdo to Khalsi on National Highway 1. This will allow security forces to immediately use this third access route for operational purposes.

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