Indian Military Puts In Place Mechanism To Ensure Uninterrupted, Fast Delivery Of Supplies In Ladakh

Ladakh: With a tense situation at the Ladakh border, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army have adopted a mechanism that ensures uninterrupted and fast delivery of supplies.
Forces are using C-17 and IL-76 aircraft along with Chinook helicopters to deliver supplies in forwarding locations, reaching from parts of India to Ladakh.
Every day two, one of the biggest aircraft gets essential supplies like tentages, clothing, food items, water bottles, etc to Ladakh from different parts of the country to send them to forward locations.
With the capacity of transporting tons of goods, these aircraft, and Chinook helicopters operated by the Indian Air Force are working in coordination with the Indian Army to ensure sufficient and non-interrupted supply of various items.
The process starts when these two big aircraft C-17 and IL-76 bring supplies from different areas to Ladakh. After unloading the supplies, the Army sanitizes them and later these are transported to Chinook helicopters.
Helicopters then load the supplies and immediately take off to different locations in forwarding areas. All day, these helicopters ferry multiple times to supply essential items along with other important goods to Jawans and units deployed in forwarding locations.
According to Indian Army officials, from loading items from a different city or state to dropping the goods to forward areas, it takes hardly a couple of hours. This is the fastest mode and anything can be reached in few hours in forwarding locations.
“Airfield acts as the lifeline for the entire forces in Eastern Ladakh wherein the drills for supply chain management have been optimized and well-oiled machinery exists to handle both transients and loads. This joint capability (Army and Air Force) is more than adequate to sustain the forces which have been built up. In addition, there is great scope to incorporate the civil resources into the operational logistics chain should there be a requirement,” Major General Arvind Kapoor, Chief of Staff 14 Corps said.
Adding to it, Air Commodore DP Hir said that both aircraft and helicopters are symbols of joint manship of Army and Air Force.
“C-17 and Chinook are symbols of joint manship utilized for heavy military equipment and logistics. The Air Force and Army have been working in synergy and it exemplifies the quick mobility of men and material in these mountainous terrains,” Air Commodore DP Hirani said.

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